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Air Duct Cleaning

Unfortunately, almost all houses are closed most of the time because of the hot weather. So, if your air conditioning system is dirty, the dust and all the contaminants in it keep circulating inside the house ( the air conditioning system is a closed system). Bedside those contaminants, pet hair, construction dust, pollen, etc. are part of that circulation as well. Some of these contaminants may be contributing to allergies as the air is continuously circulated through your system.

We can test your mold in our lab.
Leaking water from the coils causes moisture which contributes to the development of mold. Unhealthy mold may be in your air duct system!

Rid yourself up to 95% of irritating particles.
Many people do have allergic reactions to pollen, bacteria and dust mites. Allergies including hay fever and asthma affect 41 million Americans or about one out of six people. Improving indoor air quality has become a major concern.

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